4 Ways to Get the Sunshine Vitamin in the Winter

Posted on: January 9th, 2018 by CarePro Blogger

With the temperatures being what they are this time of year, the last thing anyone wants to do is venture outside. These decreased hours in the sun, however, mean your body is getting less vitamin D. Even if you were outside in the winter, between November and March anything above the 37th parallel (or anywhere north of Los Angeles) will see the sun sitting much lower in the sky. This is because the earth is tilted away from the sun, causing the light to hit us at an angle.

Vitamin D is crucial to building healthy bones, and some studies have shown that it helps ward off cancer and hypertension. Given its importance in your overall health, CarePro Pharmacy would like to offer these tips to getting more of the sunshine vitamin during the winter months:


Salmon, oysters, halibut, shrimp and cod are all packed full of vitamin D. We know that fresh seafood isn’t always a reality in our landlocked state, but if you’re fine eating the canned or frozen versions of these, you should be able to ingest plenty of vitamin D.

 Make scrambled eggs

Cheese, milk and eggs all go well when they’re mixed to make scrambled eggs… and all three are high in vitamin D!

Drink your vitamin D

Most 8-ounce glasses of fortified milks contains at least 100 IUs (or international units) of vitamin D, but may be higher or lower depending on which brand you buy. Another way to drink your vitamin is through fortified orange juice—again, how much they have varies according to label.

Vitamin D Supplement

Changing your diet isn’t always an option. That’s why CarePro Pharmacy carries a variety of vitamin D supplements. Stop by one of many locations and talk with our friendly staff about which one is right for you.

At CarePro Pharmacy, we know how hard it can be to stay on top of your health when it’s cold and grey outside. That’s why we carry a wide selection of probiotics and vitamins to promote your overall wellness.

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