3 Things You Should Know About Compression Therapy

Posted on: September 14th, 2017 by CarePro Blogger

Compression therapy is used to treat and prevent many venous and lymphatic issues that arise over the years. However, users may not know everything their stockings have to offer them. That’s why the experts at CarePro Home Medical wanted to tell you a few things to help you gain a little more knowledge about compression therapy.

Effects & Benefits

Compression therapy is key when it comes to helping with blood flow. It increases your circulation and decreases blood pooling, along with minimizing and reducing spider and varicose veins. There are also many positive effects on tissue that occur. One progressive effect that takes place is a decrease in swelling and more drainage of toxic substances like lactic acid. Compression therapy is great for those who have had surgery because inflammation is decreased, the reparative process is able to continue, and your tendons and joints have improved movement. This means you will be able to heal faster and live more comfortably.


Compression therapy is used for numerous types of treatment on various age groups. It can be prescribed to treat such things as phlebitis, thrombosis, achy legs, varicose veins, spider veins, ulcers, edema, and aftercare from surgery. The stockings also help athletes during an activity or recovery by providing continuous blood flow and helping to drain toxins which, in turn, aid the reparative process. Younger athletes as well as the older generation also use compression therapy after surgery to reduce blood clots which ensure safe and efficient healing.

Stocking Structure

These socks use graduated compression in order to help those with venous or lymphatic issues. This means that the socks are the tightest by the ankle and lessen their compression as they make their way to the knee. By working with the calf’s muscle pumping effect, they help move blood easier toward the heart, preventing the leg from swelling. Compression therapy stockings come in many different styles and colors.

We hope that these three things taught you a little more about a simple treatment we love! If you have any questions, contact us today. Our team of professionals would be happy to help!

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