5 Common Questions about Stair lift Installation

Posted on: July 27th, 2017 by CarePro Blogger

For many people, the decision to buy a stair lift is not one they take lightly. It often represents the decision to age in-home, and offers more freedom and independence within that home. Because of that, CarePro  Home Medical is going to answer some of the common questions people ask when installing a stair lift:

  • Will it hurt my walls?


Stair lifts are fitted directly on the steps themselves, not the walls, so you should be fine. The chair itself sits far enough away from the wall that you shouldn’t scrape against it as you go up.


  • How secure is it?


The rails are usually connected to the first and last stairs, with additional supports on a few steps in between. If needed, we can install additional bars to brace the stair lift.

  • Do I need to do additional home modification?


Some stairs do necessitate additional home modifications to install a stair lift, but most do not. If you have a window on the stairs, it may need to be made flush, for example. We may also need to remove handrails or doors. Each situation is unique, but your installer will go over that with you.


  • What if I want new flooring after it is installed?


If you want to install new floors with a stair lift intact, you will need to have the stair lift removed before you can do so. It can then be re-installed afterwards.


  • Will it fit on my stairs?


There are many different ways you can modify the stair lift itself so that it fits with your particular staircase. We will have an installer inspect your home ahead of time, to make sure we have everything we need to install a new stair lift!


At CarePro Home Medical, we’re here to make sure you can age safely and independently in your own home. If you’re considering a stair lift as a solution to your home mobility needs, our experts can help! Get in touch today and see what we can do for you.

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