When Should I Replace My CPAP Supplies?

Posted on: May 25th, 2017 by CarePro Blogger

Knowing when to replace your CPAP supplies is always a common question among CPAP users.  Some people replace them depending on their insurance while others just replace the parts as needed.  At CarePro Home Medical, we wanted to give you some details about your CPAP parts and when they actually need to be replaced.

CPAP Machine Replacement

The typical life of a CPAP machine is about five years.  If you change insurance or pay out of pocket, you may be able to replace the unit sooner.

CPAP Mask Replacement

You should replace your mask every three months, but you can wait an extra month or two if needed.  Replace the softer plastic cushion insert or pillows that actually touch your skin more often.

CPAP Mask Cushions Replacement

Replace the mask cushion or nasal pillows as often as two times per month.  This may seem like a lot, but these are the parts that actually touch your face.  This means that oils from your skin and other bacteria build up on these parts much quicker.

CPAP Headgear Replacement

It is recommended that you trade out your CPAP headgear every 6 months.  Neoprene is the stretchy material that helps shape the headgear to your head.  As it repeatedly stretches, it may start to get looser and not keep a proper seal, which means the mask will be less effective.

CPAP Filter Replacement

6 months is also the average life expectancy of a CPAP filter.  These filters ensure the purity of the air you breathe.  There is a white paper filter that is used beneath the main filter that should be replaced every two weeks, but you may have to do it monthly if that is what your insurance allows.

CPAP Tubing Replacement

Tubing can get grimy pretty quick, so you’ll need to replace it every three months.  Condensation increases the risk of contaminants that could enter your lungs and cause problems, so it’s important to get new tubing whenever it’s possible.

It may seem wasteful to replace your CPAP supplies when the parts look fine, but new equipment helps keep the device clean and you healthy.  If you have any questions about deciding which replacement CPAP supplies are right for you, contact us today!


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