3 Reasons to Thank Your Pharmacist

Posted on: January 6th, 2017 by CarePro Blogger

Every day, pharmacists play a key role in providing quality healthcare for families across the nation. Too often, however, their contributions can become overlooked or undervalued. In honor of National Pharmacist Day, CarePro shares these important reasons to show your appreciation for your family pharmacist and the important services they provide:

  1. Easily Accessible

Over 90 percent of Americans live within five miles of a pharmacy. While it can be difficult to set up last minute doctor appointments, pharmacists are a consistently available resource. By providing over-the-counter remedies to alleviate minor symptoms, you can get the relief you need in consistently shorter period of time. Due to their expertise, recommendations by pharmacists are accepted by patients over 90 percent of the time, making them a major component of the healthcare industry.


  1. Education and Communication

Although it is easy to assume a pharmacist’s sole responsibility is to simply box up medical prescriptions, it is merely a fraction of the services they provide. They must have a complete understanding of a wide variety of drugs in addition to how they will react with that patient’s specific history. It is their responsibility to give a clear and precise description of the medication and communicate this effectively to you effectively.


  1. Extensive Knowledge

In order for a pharmacist to effectively convey instructions to the public, they must be well-versed in thousands of medications as well as their residual sides effects, interactions and appropriate dosing. With this information, they must verify prescription legitimacy, adjudicate insurance claims, and help counsel the patient. As the last and most trusted link in the chain of healthcare professionals, pharmacists are the ones who ultimately determine if, when and how a patient receives their medicinal care. It is a massive responsibility and requires, not only superior medical knowledge, but the ability to clearly communicate it.

Coveted for their availability, knowledge and expertise, pharmacists will continue to play a vital role in the healthcare industry of today. At CarePro Pharmacy, our team is ready to ensure the overall well-being of you and your family. Contact us today to find out more about the services we provide.



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