Most Common Stressors and How to Deal With Them

Posted on: April 6th, 2016 by CarePro Blogger

Most Common Stressors

Most Common Stressors and How to Deal With Them

Chest pains, headaches, upset stomach, foggy thoughts. It’s not a heart attack – it’s stress. In high doses, stress ravages your body like any other serious health condition. Our team at CarePro has identified a few major sources of anxiety and ways to ease the tension:

The Stress: Tossing and turning at night.

The Reason: Adrenaline from the day doesn’t shut off when your lights do. Conversations you keep rehashing and anxieties about upcoming events keep your mind and body buzzing, preventing you from getting the shut-eye your brain desperately needs.

The Fix: Create a bedtime routine and stick to it. An hour before bed, shut off technology to let your mind unwind. Take a shower, drink decaffeinated tea, and practice 5-10 minutes of slow stretching to calm your body and mind for a night of solid rest.


The Stress: Feeling rushed.

The Reason: Balancing your schedule with your family’s unending to-do list, time can feel like a rare commodity. Between careers and house work and extracurriculars and family time, you’re zooming from one place to another with little time to breathe.

The Fix: Plan your day the night before by prioritizing. What deadlines absolutely must be met tomorrow, and which can bump to another day if necessary? Block in cushions of travel time so even if you’re in a back-to-back schedule, you’ll arrive with a moment to breathe.


The Stress: High expectations for yourself.

The Reason: Competition at work, between other parents, and within your own family push you to be “on” at all times. You strive to juggle the most activities with the highest efficiency 100% of the time, creating frustration when you feel like you’re not measuring up.

The Fix: Name your goal, quantify it, and determine its worth. Ask yourself: what specifically am I trying to achieve? What are my measures of success so I know when I’ve achieved it? What’s the core reason I’m trying to achieve this? A realistic, concrete, and personalized definition of success will prevent you from stretching yourself too thin.


The Stress: Poor communication at work or home.

The Reason: One or both parties hear surface-level talk but don’t stop to actively listen. Instead of seeking clarification, heads nod to say they understood even when questions linger.

The Fix: Identify not just where messages are misinterpreted, but solutions to smooth the conversation. Practice reflexive listening, reframing your partner’s statements to clarify for you and affirm to them you heard.

At CarePro Health Services, we are here to help ease stress, not create it.  Visit any of our pharmacy or home medical stores for assistance in reducing your stress with medical equipment or prescriptions.

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