10 Ways to Eat Good and Feel Good for World Health Day

Posted on: April 6th, 2016 by CarePro Blogger

10 Ways to Eat & Feel Good

10 Ways to Eat Good and Feel Good for World Health Day

If your body’s an engine, what fuel are you choosing to keep it roaring? April 7 is World Health Day, see how many of the following tweaks you can make to your diet to treat your body right:

  1. Begin the day with savory, not sweet. Bagels, muffins, and cereals flood your body with excess carbs and sugar, leading to a mid-morning crash. Reach for proteins like eggs and plain yogurt to provide the fuel you need.
  2. Obey the portion size. Treating your body right isn’t just about what you put in it – it’s about how much. Start making changes towards a healthier plate by simply following the recommended portion size – easy!
  3. Drink first, eat second. Oftentimes, our hunger pains are our body’s signal for water in disguise. Before you reach for a snack, drink at least 8 ounces of water. On average, this trick can prevent you from eating 400-600 additional calories each day.
  4. Put down the salt and sugar. From cold cuts to instant oatmeal, processed food comes laden with an excess of salt and sugar. Balance the overdose by avoiding the shakers when you prep your own food.
  5. Swap in veggies. Add vegetables – to everything! Instead of boxed rice, make your own with cauliflower. Sneak black beans into brownies, zucchini in your burgers, and sweet potatoes in your pancakes for a start.
  6. Make at-home knockoffs. Though marketed as healthy, store-bought granola bars and snack packs are loaded with synthetic ingredients. A quick search online should offer healthier DIY versions of your favorite bites.
  7. Cut meat. To limit the risk of heart disease and high cholesterol, steer from meat and opt for protein sources like beans, eggs, edamame, quinoa, and mushroom.
  8. Opt for whole fruit instead of juice. Most fruit juices are loaded with sugars, dyes, and lab-created ingredients. Get the complete benefit of pulp, fiber, and fruit skins by picking fruit in its rawest form.
  9. Make sneaky substitutes. Greek yogurt for sour cream, avocado for mayo, and other substitutions deliver similar flavor and texture without added fat.
  10. Slow down. Speeding through a meal doesn’t give your brain time to process that your stomach is full, making it easy to overeat. With smaller bites, stretch out your meal time to make the most of what’s on your plate.

At CarePro Health Services, we know that a balanced diet is part of the path to your happiest, healthiest life possible. To share the health, have your employer contact CarePro Worksite Wellness to learn about great workplace wellness programs for you and your co-workers.

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