A Corridor Couple Shares Their Story

Posted on: March 29th, 2016 by Emily LeGrand

CarePro is useCP_HeaSer_tag_4cd to dealing with challenging situations, and this one was no different. Mark was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic esophageal cancer in June 2015. Mark and his fiancé Alicia, both being totally blind, weren’t sure how they were going to deal with it. They were beginning to feel like they were fighting the system that was supposed to be there to help them, until CarePro Health Services came into their lives.

“People made assumptions about what we couldn’t do, but CarePro asked what we could do,” said Mark. “We came at them with such a unique situation, but CarePro wasn’t afraid to ask those hard questions.”

Mark and Alicia dealt with almost all of the divisions offered at CarePro: Home Infusion, Home Medical, Home Health, and Pharmacy.

“You name it we probably dealt with them at some point throughout this process,” said Mark.

Becky, from CarePro Home Infusion, worked with Alicia to figure out what she could do to help take care of Mark on her own. Kelly, from CarePro Home Health, gave Alicia the confidence and skills she needed to care for Mark. Melinda, from CarePro Pharmacy – Pavilion took time with Alicia to explain each of Mark’s medications and what the side effects would be, if he would show any.

“The coordination between each division was great,” said Alicia. “This allowed me to really be able to focus on Mark.”

Knowing how readily available CarePro and its employees were, Mark was able to move out of transitional care. CarePro Home Infusion helped Mark and Alicia get the feeding tube arrangements setup so they would be able to accommodate on their own as much as possible.

“It was a rough situation and CarePro made it manageable,” said Alicia. “They gave me the confidence that if I needed anything they were just a phone call away!”

Mark was confident he didn’t have to worry about Alicia getting the help she needed. He knew CarePro was there for clinical support as well as emotional support for them.

Mark is now cancer free after a clear PET scan in October 2015.

“CarePro was the best move we made all around,” said Mark.

When you need help with pharmacy services, medical equipment, or home care, connect with the people and answers you need at CarePro Health Services.

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