4 Tips for More Safety in the Bathroom

Posted on: January 24th, 2016 by CarePro Blogger

bathroom safety

New beginnings, New Year’s resolutions and bathroom safety – that’s what we celebrate in the month of January.  For National Bathroom Safety Month, and to help make your home safer in 2016, CarePro Health Services is giving you 4 quick and easy tips to start in your bathroom today!

  • Keep your bathroom door unlocked

If you do experience a fall and the door is left unlocked, it will be easier for your loved ones to come help you. If you are worried about privacy, hang an “occupied” sign outside when you are using it. Another thing to consider is getting a locked elevated toilet seat. It makes standing and sitting easier, and reduces the risk of having a fall in the first place.

  • Beat steam with safety mats

When taking a hot bath or shower, steam can quickly build up, making the floors and surfaces slick and dangerous. The best way to combat steam is to have a bath safety mat inside the tub, and a secure bathroom rug on the floor outside of it. You also want to have the vent running (if you have one) and keep the door open a crack to let the steam out.

  • Don’t confuse towel racks with grab bars

The same bar that holds your light towels is not going to be able to support your weight like a grab bar can. Many people are tempted to grab ahold of the towel rack as they get in and out of the shower, but we recommend you invest in a safety grab bar instead.

  • Dry off before exiting the tub

This means less water on the floor, thus less chance of you slipping. This is when a bath or shower chair can come in handy. Not only does it mean you can sit down while showering (which is great when you have limited mobility) it also makes it easier to dry off prior to stepping out of the shower.

Using these tips, we hope you’re able to avoid harmful falls and injuries due to unsafe bathroom conditions.  If you have questions about how to make your bathroom safer for individuals of all abilities, check out a sampling of our bathroom safety products and give CarePro Health Services a call today!



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