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Posted on: August 11th, 2015 by CarePro Blogger

kids vitamins

If your child is young, you know they are growing like crazy, but they may not be getting all the necessary nutrients to help them grow. Today’s CarePro Health Services blog has the benefits of a multivitamin and how it can bridge the nutrition gap for your child.

Benefits of a multivitamin for children:

  • Bridges nutritional gap- Your child may not enjoy eating broccoli, carrots or other vegetables and fruits that provide them with nutrients they need to grow. A multivitamin from CarePro can help bridge the nutritional gap. Vitamins each day can provide them with the nutrients they otherwise lack. Each different vitamin has a specific role to play in our body, especially for growing children. A multivitamin encompasses all of those vitamins.
  • Supports strong and healthy bones- Calcium and vitamin D are two of the main vitamins and minerals that help grow strong bones in children. A good multivitamin contains these vitamins and minerals. Not only can a good multivitamin help build strong bones, but also strong teeth and can set your child up for having strong bones as an adult and prevent osteoporosis.
  • Maintain a strong immune system- Back to school season brings the common cold and the stomach flu to your home. At school, children are exposed to various sicknesses and a multivitamin can build an immunity to these illnesses.
  • Sustain energy- If your child is being weaned off nap time, a multivitamin is the best way to help your child sustain energy. While they are at school during the day, they will be able to pay attention in class and learn more each day.

CarePro Pharmacies have a variety of options when it comes to vitamins for children, including our multivitamins for children. Stop in today to learn more about our 20% off offer on all kids vitamins.


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