Study Reveals Why You’re Not Sleeping Well

Posted on: July 14th, 2015 by CarePro Blogger

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How well do you sleep at night? CarePro Health Services knows that some nights are better than others when it comes to sleep. Recently, a study completed by the National Sleep Foundation revealed several reasons why you may not be sleeping well throughout the night. Check out the reasons below and see if you could improve your sleep tonight!

Reasons why you’re not sleeping well:

Your mattress– The study revealed that 9 out of 10 participants indicated that a good mattress was important to their comfort and sleep wellness throughout the night. If your mattress is outdated, it is recommended to look into getting a new one for the best sleep comfort.

Your bedding– Second to mattress comfort was the importance of the bedroom’s overall comfort. 70% of participants in the study said that their pillow was a big part of their sleep quality each night. Could your pillow be keeping you up at night? What about the type of bedding you have? The style and comfort of sheets was a factor for 53% of study participants. When picking out sheets and pillows, be sure to take into account your body’s needs. Do you prefer firm or fluffy pillows? Are your sheets irritating your skin?

Your bed companion– Is your sleep partner keeping you awake at night? Could it be your dog or cat that keeps you tossing and turning? 41% of participants in the National Sleep Foundation study said that their partner’s snoring kept them awake at night and 27% stated that animals in the bed were a cause of not sleeping well. Consider keeping your pets in their own bed on the floor or in a kennel so you will sleep better at night. If your partner snores, it could be a sign of sleep apnea.  Have your partner tested and treated for this life-threatening condition.

Sleep aids available at CarePro:

Viniferamine Sleep Support– A holistic approach to sleeping well can be found at CarePro Pharmacies. This natural option is an option will help you if you have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep throughout the night.

Aquegel– If you’re looking for a topical gel for better sleep, Aquegel is ideal for those suffering from breathing problems while sleeping. Learn more about Aquegel at your local CarePro Pharmacy.

CPAP therapy– If you live with sleep apnea, you may be familiar with CPAP therapy. CarePro Home Medical offer CPAP clinics to answer all of your questions about treating sleep apnea with CPAP therapy, how to use CPAP machines and accessories, and any other questions you have regarding CPAP therapy.

CarePro Health Services hopes you are able to find the reason you’re not sleeping well. Contact us today to learn more about our sleep solution options.

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