Tips for People who Don’t Enjoy the Holidays

Posted on: November 23rd, 2014 by CarePro Blogger
Are you not a holiday person? That's OK! Use our tips to help control your stress this season.

Are you not a holiday person? That’s OK! Use our tips to help control your stress this season.

Some people LOVE the holidays; the decorations, the shopping and the feasting are a welcome hustle and bustle every year. But not everyone looks forward to the holidays- and that’s OK. If you’re not a holiday person, use these simple tips to help get you through the season without stressing yourself to the max.

  • Keep your healthy habits in mind:  Eat a healthy breakfast including protein and whole grains. At your holiday meal, make sure your plate is half full of vegetables before you reach for turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes and other traditional treats. Remember, starving yourself to “save room” before a big holiday meal will usually backfire- you’ll be ravenous, so you’ll be less inclined to choose healthy foods and instead may opt for richer, heavier foods to fill up faster.
  • Make time for yourself:  Even though your routine will be out of whack, be sure to make a little time for yourself. Go for a brisk walk while your guests are showering. Get up a bit earlier than everyone else to enjoy a nice cup of coffee in silence. Work in 30 minutes of exercise each day (walk the dog, wrestle the grandkids, go for a swim at the gym or do some calisthenicsat home). Carving out a little “me time” will help you find balance during the frenzy of the holidays.
  • Shop within your budget:  You’ll feel a lot of unnecessary stress and rack up debt if you try to please everyone over the holidays. Instead of searching the world over for the perfect gift, be direct and ask people what they want. Remember that homemade gifts that are practical and made with love are often treasured more than the latest gadget or toy, and will likely last longer. Friends and family will also enjoy gifts of your time- offer to water their plants, walk their dogs, watch their kids for free or treat them to a home cooked meal. It’s easy to show you care without breaking your budget.

If what you feel is more like depression than stress, or if the holidays weigh heavily on you this year because of a lost loved one, check out this helpful article from Mayo Clinic:

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