Why Are Diabetic Shoes Important?

Posted on: November 17th, 2014 by CarePro Blogger
Diabetic shoes come in a variety of styles to fit your health needs and personal fashion.

Diabetic shoes come in a variety of styles to fit your health needs and personal fashion.

Proper foot care is essential for diabetes patients. If you have diabetes, you may also have peripheral neuropathy, a common effect of diabetes that causes loss of feeling in the feet due to nerve damage. You could step on objects or develop blisters without feeling pain in your feet.

Peripheral neuropathy puts you at an increased risk for developing foot complications. A small nick or blister could lead to an infection, a troublesome ulcer or worse. In order to properly care for your feet, you should inspect your feet for damage daily and wear properly fitted shoes.

Foot Care. Think about foot care as part of your morning and evening hygiene routine. Soon it will become automatic. Check your feet for:

  • Corns, blisters or calluses
  • Pressure areas
  • Ingrown or broken toenails
  • Redness, swelling or warm areas
  • Scratches or lacerations
  • Objects embedded in the foot
  • Check for objects in your shoes before you put them on (small toys, rocks, pins, etc.)

If you are physically unable to inspect your own feet regularly, ask your healthcare provider, a friend or a family member to check them for you. This small change in your daily routine may spare you a painful, long-lasting foot injury and hundreds of dollars in treatment.

Diabetic Shoes. Many people worry that diabetic shoes will make them look stodgy. However, diabetic shoes have become trendier and more attractive in recent years. You can find a wide range of styles to accommodate your health needs and your personal style.

It’s a good idea to visit a diabetic shoe specialist to help you select the right style and fit. Shoe specialists at CarePro Pharmacies will make sure that:

  • The shoe provides the support and protection you need
  • Good circulation is maintained in your feet
  • Your skin is allowed to breathe
  • The shoe is comfortable and complements your lifestyle

Wear the socks you plan to wear with your new shoes when you are fitted. That way, you’ll be sure to get a proper, comfortable fit. Your foot shape and needs change over time, so it is important to have your shoes inspected and replaced periodically.

CarePro Pharmacies accept Medicare, Medicaid and most other insurances. Your provider may cover your diabetic shoe purchase. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to call or email your local CarePro Pharmacy, or stop in to talk to a footwear specialist. We’re happy to help you with your diabetic shoe needs.


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