Four Easy Tips for a Healthy School Year

Posted on: September 2nd, 2014 by CarePro Blogger
Vampire sleeve

Teach your kids to sneeze into the crook of their elbows as opposed to on their hands. This technique is called the vampire sleeve because the motion looks like a vampire sweeping his cape across his face.

Back-to-school time means dealing with an abundance of germs. Every high-five, drink at the water fountain and shared box of crayons could lead to a cold for your child. Stay ahead of the game this school year with four simple tips to help your kids stay healthy.

  • Show your child the “vampire sleeve” (bend your arm across your face, like a vampire would hide his face with his cape, to cover your nose and mouth with your sleeve). This move keeps sneeze germs out of the air and off of your child’s hands.
  • Have your child wash her hands before and after school, eating and using the restroom. Basically, teach her to wash her hands whenever she can! It’s one of the best ways to keep your child healthy and happy this fall.
  • Teach your child to use hand sanitizer when soap isn’t available.
  • Make sure your child brushes his teeth regularly. The mouth is a portal for germs to move in and out of the body. Brushing twice a day will help keep that activity to a minimum, along with providing minty fresh breath!

Kids will be kids- they won’t remember to wash up, cover their sneezes or brush their teeth without constant reminders from you. Just remember- it’s better to remind them and keep them healthy than to have them down and out with a cold!


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