Help Your Kids Stay Healthy with Supplements

Posted on: January 22nd, 2014 by carepro
Healthy kids this winter

Supplements may help your kids stay healthy this winter.

There’s not much that’s worse for parents than sick, grumpy kids stuck indoors with colds or the flu. Avoid the winter blahs this year by taking a proactive approach.

You can help keep your kids from getting sick this winter by giving them a good multivitamin that includes these key nutrients:

  • Vitamin A – Promotes normal growth and development.
  • Vitamin B – Necessary for a healthy metabolism and to support energy production.
  • Vitamin C – Supports a healthy immune system, as well as healthy muscles, connective tissue and skin.
  • Vitamin D –Needed for strong bones and a healthy immune system. In fact, research shows that vitamin D supplements may cut the risk for chest colds or the flu by as much as 40%.
  • Calcium –Helps build strong bones and teeth.

Another important supplement not generally found in multivitamins is a high quality probiotic. Probiotics restore friendly bacteria in your kids’ intestines. These bacteria promote a healthy gastrointestinal tract and boost immunity.

As with any health product, it’s a good idea to store your kids’ supplements well out of their reach. Kids’ supplements are often flavored to make them taste good, but supplements can make your kids sick if they take too many in one sitting.

CarePro Pharmacies offer a wide variety of kids’ supplements through CarePro Advance Health. Connect with your CarePro pharmacist to help you choose the right supplements and flavors for your child, and have a healthy winter.

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