Start feeling your best with the vitamin you wear

Posted on: January 5th, 2012 by sdavis

LifeStrength bracelets are on 25% off at CarePro Home Medical through January 2012!

While today’s technology has improved, simplified and secured our environment, it has simultaneously created some significant negative health ramifications. Our increased exposure to chemicals, electromagnetic discharge, and other neurological and physical toxins has paralleled rising rates of cancers, stress, sleep disorders and a myriad of accompanying illnesses. Learn how LifeStrength protects you from these harmful toxins. 

Computers, cellular telephones and the electronics within cars all play a part in creating an increase in our positive ion exposure. Today’s automobiles and residences are tightly sealed, further lessening our abilities to truly recharge our bodies. Our bodies are simply producing a natural response to unnatural stimuli. There is a solution: LIFESTRENGTH™.

LifeStrength bracelets are $25 at CarePro Home Medical, and now through the end of January, they are 25% off. Learn more about the science of LifeStrength in the video below.

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