CarePro nurse wins 2011 Employee Owner of the Year award

Posted on: March 7th, 2011 by sdavis

Tiffany Bunting, LPN

Tiffany Bunting, L.P.N., was awarded the 2011 Employee Owner Award by the IA/NE ESOP Association Chapter on Feb. 24, 2011.

Tiffany Bunting has been an employee of CarePro Health Services since April 2003. Tiffany has experienced firsthand the inception of an ESOP and what it represents for employee owners.  Experiencing the ESOP from the beginning has given Tiffany a comprehensive understanding and a great appreciation for what it means to be an employee owner. Tiffany has served two terms on the EAC since 2004 and has developed a passion for employee ownership culture. During our annual retreat, Tiffany was elected Chair of the EAC for 2011 because of her knowledge, passion and dedication.

Working as a Licensed Practical Nurse, Tiffany has a very important responsibility at CarePro. She reaches out to over 140 patients daily who need tube feedings and WIC (State of Iowa Women, Infant and Children); she helps coordinate formula and supplies for patients who have special nutritional needs. The need for excellent customer service in this role is extremely important because any error can be damaging to the patients’ health. As an employee owner, Tiffany understands the impact of our bottom line by saving CarePro money and the positive impact on our growth. This past year, Tiffany met individually with every patient to conduct one-on-one training for a new pump transition. By Tiffany meeting one-on-one with each patient, she saved CarePro thousands of dollars in training. She provides superior customer service to our patients that will build lasting relationships. Tiffany also has saved CarePro money by researching and establishing a new delivery system for patients’ meds.

Tiffany had the opportunity to visit Capitol Hill for the ESOP Association Annual Conference in May of 2010. She participated in congressional visits as a group for the Government Relations Committee. Tiffany had the opportunity to speak to congressional leaders or their staff about her personal experience as an employee owner. They paid attention to her as they are interested in her as an employee, non-executive, and her direct involvement as a healthcare provider.

Tiffany is highly involved with legislation that impacts ESOPs.  Tiffany asked every owner to take action against the proposal of the recent bill (90 Stat.1520, P.L. 94-455 Section 803) by submitting a personalized letter to our state representatives voicing our concern against this bill. Tiffany provided educational materials to help owners understand the implications the reversal of this bill may have on our ESOP. A total of 40 letters were submitted on behalf of CarePro employees because of Tiffany’s efforts. This shows Tiffany’s passion and understanding of being an employee owner.

Tiffany was voted to represent all employees as our EAC member for our annual Strategic Planning Session. As part of the strategic plan, management assigned projects to the EAC in which Tiffany was a vital participant.  The EAC developed a committee led by Tiffany that created core values that represent CarePro.  This committee established CarePro’s Core Values, unity, innovation, service, integrity and compassion. Other committee participation from Tiffany includes the development of an EAC member job description as well as employee owner job description so everyone in the company is aware of their responsibility as an employee owner.

Each year, the EAC has a volunteer to be the Historian. As the Historian, Tiffany documented all the activities throughout the year so that CarePro would have the opportunity to submit in several AACE categories. Tiffany participated in creating the nomination application for Kathy Althoff, the Employee Owner of the Year last year along with the nomination for the Company of the Year Award. Tiffany attended the IA-NE Chapter conference on February 11, 2010 to accept the award as runner-up.

Tiffany helps the EAC coordinate several activities throughout the year. CarePro paired the “Piece of the Pie” celebration with Employee Ownership month and Tiffany used this opportunity to share her passion for employee ownership. She traveled to all 15 divisions with a few EAC members to help explain the importance of employee ownership and what their statements represent.  During these meetings, the CEO and CFO of CarePro unveiled the survey results as part of the strategic plan. A handful of EAC members presented information to all employees on the impact of getting involved in the employee ownership culture and why they should care about the action they can take to impact CarePro’s bottom line and the share price. During employee ownership month, Tiffany coordinated a pumpkin decorating contest for all employees. She ordered pumpkins for each employee and they were delivered to all 15 divisions. Each division voted for best pumpkin and then voted for overall best pumpkin. This was the second year in a row Tiffany coordinated the contest.

By winning the award, Tiffany is now in the running for the national award, which will be presented at the national conference in Washington D.C., May 11-13.

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