Same people, different name: What happened to OptionCare?

Posted on: February 7th, 2011 by sdavis

OptionCare was bought out by Walgreens in 2010. What does that mean for the future of CarePro Home Infusion?

OptionCare was once a well-known name in the home infusion industry. A franchise of infusion services, OptionCare brought infusion therapy to the Midwest region for decades. In 1986, our home infusion company bought into the well-established franchise, which came with many benefits: OptionCare provided its employees and franchise owners with marketing materials and policies and procedures.

However, in 2007, OptionCare was bought out by Walgreens, and the companies affiliated with the brand have disbanded, each being bought up by larger corporations or carrying on as independently-owned home infusion companies.

With Walgreens’ purchase of OptionCare, CarePro Home Infusion had a choice to make: to buy into another franchise or rely on the strength of its own name and continue as an independent home infusion company. CarePro Home Infusion chose the latter and began the process of phasing out the OptionCare name in its materials and developing its own policies and procedures.

While the OptionCare name will no longer be a part of CarePro Home Infusion, it’s important to note that this will really be the only noticeable change. Director of Pharmacy Bryce Jackman, RPh, BCNSP, has been with the company for nearly 18 years.

“Staff will remain the same,” Jackman said. “The high quality of care people have come to expect will be the same. The products we use will remain the same. The only thing that has changed is the name and the groups we use to purchase our products.”

Thanks to our dedicated reimbursement team, we will still be accepting the same insurance companies. We will still be servicing the same areas: two-thirds of Iowa and parts of Illinois, Wisconsin, and Missouri. And, most importantly, our stellar staff will remain the same. We will have access to the same medications, same tools, same service you’ve always known and trusted.

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