What does a respiratory therapist do?

Posted on: January 28th, 2011 by sdavis

The respiratory therapy team from left to right: Rachael, Judy, Renae, Stephanie, Heather and Debra.

CarePro Home Medical knows the advantage of having certified respiratory therapists on staff. Our respiratory therapists have provided countless patients with an improved quality of life. So, what is it that respiratory therapists do?

What is a respiratory therapist?

CarePro respiratory therapists work with patients to provide support and guidance while choosing and using a CPAP/BiPAP, nebulizer, oxygen, and other appropriate respiratory devices. They have been specifically trained to help and educate patients on how to get the best results from their respiratory equipment.

 Here’s what a respiratory therapist must be able to do:  

  •  A respiratory therapist has good problem-solving skills, to decipher what needs to be done to help patient with therapy.
  • Respiratory therapists spend time with our equipment vendors understanding the features of each CPAP/BiPAP mask and machine we have in inventory to assist patients in getting the best product for their therapy needs.
  • Respiratory therapists know how to use CPAP/BiPAP equipment and know how to interpret the compliance data collected by CPAP/BiPAP equipment.
  • Respiratory therapists can adjust CPAP/BiPAP, oximeters and apnea monitor equipment based on therapy needs.
  • A respiratory therapist will work with the physician to obtain the right CPAP/BiPAP equipment for the patient.
  • A respiratory therapist will work with patients and physicians to maintain oxygen saturation levels with their oxygen equipment
  • Respiratory therapists have a minimum of two years of training to obtain a degree in respiratory therapy
  • With education and practical experience, they also obtain continuing education to keep up on industry standards.

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