Replacing your CPAP/BiPAP

Posted on: January 24th, 2011 by sdavis 3 Comments

Did you know that most insurance providers suggest replacement of CPAP/BiPAP supplies according to a set schedule?

It is important to maintain and replace your CPAP/BiPAP supplies such as the mask, cushion, headgear, tubing, filters, and chin strap. Did you know that most insurance providers suggest replacement of CPAP/BiPAP supplies according to a set schedule?

 Here are the main reasons you should replace your CPAP/BiPAP supplies.

 1) CPAP/BiPAP Supplies are Disposable

Your CPAP/BiPAP mask, headgear, and tubing aren’t meant to last! Most common CPAP/BiPAP masks are made of plastic and silicone and the headgear is made from neoprene. All of these materials begin to break down with frequent use. Replacements are expected.

2) Cushions Lose Their Seal Over Time

If you have to continually tighten and over tighten the headgear to maintain a seal with your mask, it will not fit comfortably and you can actually harm yourself in the process. If cushions were comfortable to begin with but have started to lose their seal, it’s time to replace them.

 3) Bacteria!

This becomes more difficult to eliminate as a mask ages. The masks and the tubing need to be cleaned regularly with mild soapy water and left to dry out of direct sunlight, or bacteria will grow. Studies demonstrate that after 1 year of use, no amount of cleaning can eliminate all bacterial growth. So, the older the mask, the more bacteria in the mask, the tubing, and, potentially, in YOU.

 4) Dirty Filters Damage CPAP Machines

The filters in a CPAP/BiPAP machine need to be replaced regularly. If dust and other contaminants build up, they cause the CPAP/BiPAP machine to overheat and, in time, damage the motor.

 Contact your insurance company to verify frequencies of CPAP/BiPAP supplies.

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