Compounding Services – What It Means for You

Posted on: April 20th, 2017 by CarePro Blogger

If you’ve ever had an allergic reaction to dyes in your medication or have been prescribed a unique dosage, the pharmacy services at CarePro Compounding can help. With state-of-the-art lab technology and highly-trained compounding pharmacists, CarePro has the ability to create a one-of-a-kind prescription for every member of your family, including your pets.

To better understand medication compounding and what it means for you, CarePro Compounding has come up with the following FAQs.

  1. What is medication compounding? A compounded medication is a prescription that is made by a pharmacist because it is unavailable in the dosage form that was prescribed by your doctor. With medication compounding, doctors have the ability to customize prescriptions based on each patients’ individual needs. From the combination of several medications into one convenient dosage for hospice patients to mixing children’s cough medicine without the use of dyes, compounding medication makes it easier for patients to receive the medication they need.
  2. Do I need a prescription for compounded medication? Pharmacists do require that all compounded medications be prescribed by a physician. The prescription allows the compounding pharmacists to make a wide variety of changes to the medication including:
  • Increase or reduce the strength
  • Add flavoring for better taste
  • Alter the delivery system of medications – capsules, lozenges, liquids, or transdermal gel for absorption through the skin
  • Turn capsules into a liquid
  1. Does insurance cover compounded medications? At CarePro Compounding, we provide you with a claim form that you can submit to your insurance company for a direct reimbursement based on your coverage.
  2. What conditions can be treated by compounded medications? No two people have the exact same reaction to medication. CarePro works closely with your prescriber to ensure you get the unique compounded medication for your specific condition.
  • Skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and rosacea
  • Foot ailments including neuropathic pain, athletes foot, diabetic wounds, and plantar fasciitis
  • Hospice patients to treat pain, anxiety, wounds, and nausea
  • Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy
  • Preservative-free, hypoallergenic medications for those with various sensitives
  1. How does compounding benefit pets? Like humans, our furry friends can suffer from some of the same conditions, requiring a compounded medication. The pharmacists at CarePro can customize a prescription to make treating your pet’s long or short-term illness much easier and can treat a variety of conditions including:
  • Seizures
  • Arthritis
  • Accidental poisoning
  • Allergic dermatitis
  • Diabetes


If you or a loved one suffer from any of the conditions listed above, get in touch with CarePro Compounding today to learn more about our compounding pharmacy services.

Why These Four Vitamins Can Improve Your Overall Health

Posted on: April 11th, 2017 by CarePro Blogger

No matter how well you eat, chances are you’re not getting all the nutrients your body needs in your daily diet. To assist you in maintaining your well-being, CarePro Pharmacy locations have determined four essential vitamins you need to keep you healthy while boosting your chances of fighting off chronic disease, fatigue, gastrointestinal issues, and irritable bowel syndrome.


Omega-3 Fatty Acids – Whether dieting or being proactive in your overall wellbeing, Omega-3 Fatty Acids are essential for your continued health. When you find it difficult to consume fish that is high in DHA and EPA Omega-3 fatty acids, CarePro recommends that you consume one to three Omega-3 soft gels daily as a dietary supplement or to aid in a healthy immune system, endocrine and nervous system function, and cardiovascular health.

Vitamin D – To ensure your overall health, it’s important to ensure that you’re receiving enough Vitamin D in your diet. Those who suffer from Vitamin D deficiency are more prone to a decrease in bone density, depression, heart disease, poor immune function, and chronic pain.

CarePro recommends that you consume Vitamin D regularly during the winter months to make up for the lack of Vitamin D that you receive naturally from the sun. Make sure that you are your best self all year long with an extra boost of Vitamin D from CarePro.

Probiotics – If you experience frequent gas, bloating, acid reflux, or reoccurring diarrhea, your digestive tract may be absorbing too much bad bacteria. Antibiotics and poor diet choices can kill off good bacteria, making it difficult for you to consume the nutrients and good bacteria that your digestive system needs to be healthy.

Promote better digestive and intestinal health, strengthen your immune system, and boost your energy by simply ingesting good bacteria found in probiotic supplements available at CarePro.

Multivitamins – When you have children, their health is your top priority. With work, carpools, school events, and extracurricular activities, it can be extremely difficult to prepare a nutritional meal 7 days a week, causing both you and your children to become more susceptible to chronic diseases.

If you are a busy parent, CarePro Health Services recommends that both you and your children consume a high-grade multivitamin available at CarePro for a total balance of vitamins, metabolic nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants that your diet may be missing. Not only will taking a daily multivitamin ensure that you have a healthy metabolism, multivitamins also aid in healthy organ function.


Visit one of the five CarePro Pharmacy locations today to learn more about the important role that vitamins and supplements play in achieving your best self, or call CarePro Worksite Wellness now to request more information about workplace education on vitamins and supplements to improve your health.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Avoid a Used Stairlift

Posted on: March 30th, 2017 by CarePro Blogger

Deciding to install a stairlift in your home naturally brings with it many questions. One question we hear at CarePro Health Services is whether or not someone should purchase a used stair lift. It’s understandable, as it’s the less expensive route to go. However, before you purchase second-hand equipment, consider the following:

  • You could put yourself at risk for a fall.

Older Americans are hospitalized for falls more than for anything else. With a used stair lift, you have no idea how much it has been used or abused, and run the risk of it breaking down while you are using it. Trying to get out of the chair while it’s in the middle of the stairs could cause you to experience a fall.

  • No professional installation.

Many stair lift manufacturers will not honor the warranty if it was not installed by an authorized installer.  When you purchase a new stair lift from CarePro, you will have the benefit of professional installation.

  • May cost more money in the long run.

A used stair lift may save you money initially, but you may also be purchasing something that is out of warranty. If you have to pay for repairs, you may end up spending more than you save. You also have no guarantee that the battery is any good.

  • You have no guarantee that the used stairlift will fit your staircase


At CarePro, we make sure the stair lift can be adapted to your home. We can use custom fittings to ensure that it fits on your staircase.


  • It’s worth the investment to buy new.

Remember, a stair lift is more than just a home modification—it’s an investment. It could mean the difference between aging in-home or moving to a retirement facility. The investment of staying in the place where you’ve made a lifetime of memories is well worth it.

Let the experts at CarePro help. We can answer all your questions about installing a stairlift in your home, and make sure you get the right one for you. Call us today for a free consultation.

6 Reasons Why Your CPAP Mask is Leaking

Posted on: March 14th, 2017 by CarePro Blogger

A leaky CPAP mask is a prevalent complaint among those living with sleep apnea. If you lose air pressure, hear strange noises from your CPAP mask, feel stuffed up or experience disrupted sleep, chances are you have a CPAP mask that’s not holding air like it should.

CarePro Health Services is here to help. We’ll explain the top six reasons CPAP masks malfunction, and what you can do about them.

  1. Your CPAP pressure is too high.

When you first received your CPAP machine, chances are your doctor or respiratory therapist helped configure your pressure settings. These settings may have been based on your personal sleep study. However, if the pressure amount is causing problems now, you should speak to your doctor about changing it.

  1. You toss and turn at night.


Movement during sleep can cause your CPAP mask to become loose and shift on your face, breaking the seal and causing a leak. Often, this can be remedied by adjusting the straps. We also carry CPAP masks specifically designed to help active sleepers.


  1. Your CPAP mask is needs cleaning.


When dust and oils build up on your CPAP mask, they can cause the mask’s seal to break. We recommend wiping your CPAP mask down daily with a damp cloth or a CPAP mask wipe. It’s best to supplement this by submerging it once a week in warm, soapy water.


  1. You need to be re-fitted.


CPAP masks are like shoes—you need to be fitted for the right match as you age. See us today for a CPAP mask sizing, or check out the wide variety of CPAP masks in our online catalog.


  1. Your CPAP mask doesn’t mirror your sleep.


There’s no right or wrong way to sleep, but your position can affect how your CPAP mask fits. For example, if you breathe with your mouth open, a nasal CPAP mask is not going to be good for you. Instead, you’ll want to use a full-faced mask. However, if you’re a side-sleeper, then a CPAP nasal mask would offer better comfort and capabilities for you.



  1. Your CPAP mask is outdated.


The seals on CPAP masks wear out over time, which in turn can prompt leakage. Expect to change your CPAP mask once every three months for a leak-free experience.

If you are still experiencing CPAP mask air leaks after trying the suggestions above, give CarePro a call to discuss the different options for your sleep apnea treatment.


6 Types of People that Can Benefit from Compression Therapy

Posted on: February 23rd, 2017 by CarePro Blogger

What do pregnant women, frequent flyers and athletes all have in common? They can all benefit from compression therapy!

Compression therapy refers to the use of a stocking that covers your foot up to your calves and can include your lower thighs. These garments aid in blood circulation, and are often prescribed to patients with lower extremity conditions such as venous disorders or blood clots.  The use of the compression therapy helps relieve pain and prevents the buildup of fluid that can lead to swelling. Although it is typically recommended for people affected by lymphedema or chronic venous disease, compression stockings aren’t limited to these particular conditions. Discover how compression therapy can help improve the health for a variety of lifestyles with these helpful tips from CarePro Home Medical!

Frequent Flyers and Office Workers

Staying seated for a long period can be damaging for blood circulation as it commonly increases the risk for deep-vein thrombosis and blood clots. Compression stockings can help boost circulation to the lower extremities while seated, as well as aid typical affects associated with altitude change.

Pregnant Women

Many women are familiar with that deep ache and tiredness that comes from carrying the extra weight of a child. One of the advantages of compression stockings is the increased support and comfort, which provides relief from tired, cramped legs and swollen feet and ankles.


For runners, fatigue is a constant battle during intense training sessions. Compression garments offer relief to your muscles and joints by encouraging increased blood flow to the affected limbs.

Nurses or Caregivers

From being on your feet all day to maneuvering patients, you can put a lot of strain on your muscles and joints. By increasing lower extremity circulation, compression stockings can aid in your overall comfort.

Retail workers

Standing on your feet all day is exhausting. To improve your health and receive valuable relief, compression garments are a key component in alleviating pain.

Whether you live with a specific medical condition, or you fall into one of these six categories, CarePro Home Medical carries the specialized compression stockings you need to increase your comfort. As a proud partner of SIGVARIS, we are committed to finding the specialized garment to fit your need.  Contact us today to learn more about how compression therapy can help improve your quality of life.

Take it to Heart: How to Identify and Prevent Heart Attacks

Posted on: February 9th, 2017 by CarePro Blogger

The start of February often triggers the images of hearts, but this year it’s not just about romance. Every 43 seconds, someone in the United States experiences a heart attack. To spread awareness of the importance of early detection, CarePro recognizes American Heart Month by identifying crucial warning signs and utilizing key preventative measures to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Prevention is Key

Nearly 70 percent of American adults are either overweight or obese, putting them at a high risk of heart disease. By exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet, you can help prevent heart attacks as well as improve overall health. To make this possible, be sure to keep your goals realistic. Avoid crazy diet fads and stick with the basics by decreasing your red meat consumption and replacing it with grilled chicken, cutting the potato chips for veggies, and finding an exercise routine that fits your lifestyle. Above all, avoid smoking or exposure to second-hand smoke.

Avoid Stress

To preserve health and maintain your peace of mind, reducing stress is an important element for your fitness. Find time during the day for meditation or reflection. Look for opportunities to volunteer at events that are close to your heart and commit to getting a full sleep schedule. Hobbies are another way to find outlets to relive potential stress. Taking up journaling, yoga or gardening can help ease strenuous thoughts and maintain your quality of life.

Identify the Symptoms Early

In the event of a heart attack, time is one of the most precious variables in limiting damage. If chest pains or feelings such as squeezing or fullness persist, it is not a time to be cautionary. Although this can be as simple as acid reflux, it is important to seek professional assistance in order to rule out the possibility of heart complications, particularly if is paired with back or jaw pain. Similarly, shortness of breath, anxiety, cold sweat, dizziness, fainting and nausea are also important triggers.

Although the danger of a potential heart attack can be frightening, by utilizing proper steps, you can help decrease your risk. At CarePro, we are dedicated to providing the best services and products to keep you and your family healthy. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

Important Tips for National Bath Safety Month

Posted on: January 24th, 2017 by CarePro Blogger

Every year, approximately 235,000 adults visit the hospital from injuries sustained in the bathroom. From this group, adults over the age of 65 cultivate the majority of the accidents. With the arrival of National Bath Safety Month, CarePro Home Medical wants to ensure you know the high-risk areas and how to guarantee your family has the tools to stay safe.

Get Support

Injuries that occur near the bathtub and shower make up two-thirds of emergency visits. With increased risk of slick surfaces, finding additional support can be vital to accident prevention. The Suction Cup Grab Bar offers a secure grip, as well as essential flexibility. Since it can be mounted in a variety of positions and requires no tools to assemble, it can be easily used both at home and while traveling. If additional support is required, the Premium Securelock Tub Grip fits most tubs and includes a locking feature for superior stability.

Know the High Risk Spot

For adults over the age of 85, nearly 50 percent of all injuries occur near the toilet. Installing a grab bar can provide much-needed support, however, additional security features can also help future falls. Securing a Raised Toilet Seat is an easy and cost-effective way to reduce movement for those with limited mobility. For further security, the All-In-One Aluminum Commode can be used bedside, or as a toilet safety frame or raised toilet seat.

Improving the safety of you or your loved ones in your bathroom can help eliminate the risk of potential falls. With products from CarePro Home Medical, you can have the tools you need to stay safe. Contact our team today to find out which products are right for you and your family.

3 Reasons to Thank Your Pharmacist

Posted on: January 6th, 2017 by CarePro Blogger

Every day, pharmacists play a key role in providing quality healthcare for families across the nation. Too often, however, their contributions can become overlooked or undervalued. In honor of National Pharmacist Day, CarePro shares these important reasons to show your appreciation for your family pharmacist and the important services they provide:

  1. Easily Accessible

Over 90 percent of Americans live within five miles of a pharmacy. While it can be difficult to set up last minute doctor appointments, pharmacists are a consistently available resource. By providing over-the-counter remedies to alleviate minor symptoms, you can get the relief you need in consistently shorter period of time. Due to their expertise, recommendations by pharmacists are accepted by patients over 90 percent of the time, making them a major component of the healthcare industry.


  1. Education and Communication

Although it is easy to assume a pharmacist’s sole responsibility is to simply box up medical prescriptions, it is merely a fraction of the services they provide. They must have a complete understanding of a wide variety of drugs in addition to how they will react with that patient’s specific history. It is their responsibility to give a clear and precise description of the medication and communicate this effectively to you effectively.


  1. Extensive Knowledge

In order for a pharmacist to effectively convey instructions to the public, they must be well-versed in thousands of medications as well as their residual sides effects, interactions and appropriate dosing. With this information, they must verify prescription legitimacy, adjudicate insurance claims, and help counsel the patient. As the last and most trusted link in the chain of healthcare professionals, pharmacists are the ones who ultimately determine if, when and how a patient receives their medicinal care. It is a massive responsibility and requires, not only superior medical knowledge, but the ability to clearly communicate it.

Coveted for their availability, knowledge and expertise, pharmacists will continue to play a vital role in the healthcare industry of today. At CarePro Pharmacy, our team is ready to ensure the overall well-being of you and your family. Contact us today to find out more about the services we provide.


How CarePro Pharmacy Can Help This Flu Season

Posted on: December 20th, 2016 by CarePro Blogger

With colder temperatures and snowy days, winter can bring plenty of problems including an increase in illness. Although the 2015-2016 flu season was milder than years past, it still can cause many complications for adults 50 years or older as well as those with a history of certain illnesses. To help you combat this risk, our team at CarePro Pharmacy is equipped to assist you and your loved ones with these important guidelines.

Practice Good Habits

We have been told to practice good grooming habits since childhood. However, it is especially important throughout flu season. Washing your hands frequently with soap is one of the most important steps. If soap is not available, use an alcohol-based hand rub. Also, practice good eating habits as well as physical activities and a consistent sleep schedule. Avoid close contact with people who are sick and cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing. Most importantly, know your limits. If you get struck with an illness, do not try to simply power through. By staying indoors and avoiding personal contact, you can prevent spreading the infection to others.

Additional Maintenance for CPAP Users

For people that rely on CPAP or BiPAP machines, suffering from the cold or flu can be extremely problematic. The coughing and congestion combined with the dryness and consistent flow of air into your nasal passage can further exaggerate the symptoms. To aid in prevention, not only should you practice good personal hygiene habits, but wash and change your filters every 1-2 weeks. Since the inside of the machine’s tubes and mask cushions can be a potential breeding ground for germs and bacteria, make sure to clean these more frequently during the winter months.

Don’t Forget Your Flu Shot

During recent flu seasons, the CDC has estimated that between 80 to 90 percent of flu related deaths have occurred in people 65 and older. The most effective measure you can take to prevent influenza is to get a flu shot each year. According to the CDC, a flu shot reduces the risk of illness by 57 percent for adults age 50 and older. Additionally, not only does it combat the illness, but it can limit its effects even if you do succumb to the virus.

At CarePro Pharmacy, our team is ready to help keep you and your family healthy with in-store immunizations against influenza as well as whooping cough, shingles and pneumonia. To find a CarePro Pharmacy in your neighborhood, visit our pharmacy locations to see how we can help you stay healthy this winter.

True or False: Workplace Wellness Can Benefit Your Company?

Posted on: December 13th, 2016 by CarePro Blogger

For employers, keeping your workplace productive is the backbone of your company. It ensures profit, quality and improves your reputation. To get the most out of your employees, however, you must also invest in their well-being. By utilizing a workplace wellness program, you can help enhance health and productivity as well as improve morale. So why is this often overlooked? Find out the facts about how implementing a workplace wellness program can help benefit your company.

A workplace wellness program drains resources.

FALSE: According to the American Journal of Health Promotion, when employers consistently offered a wellness program to their workers, health care costs rose at a 15 percent slower rate among wellness program participants than a comparison group. Due to this, the company saved $332 per participant.

Workplace wellness programs increase productivity.

TRUE: An employee cannot help your company if they are not present, healthy and invested. By promoting your employees well-being, you not only can aid in their fitness, but you create a positive atmosphere. This helps break the monotonous day-to-day tasks. Due to this, 67 percent of employees that take part in wellness programs have confirmed that it increased their engagement in their employer’s mission and goals. 91 percent of employees improved their fitness and 89 percent said the participation improved their overall happiness and well-being.

Workplace wellness programs are too time-consuming.

FALSE: It may seem like a potential waste to pull your employees away from their daily tasks to participate in workplace wellness programs. However, CarePro Worksite Wellness professionals provide flexible programs to ensure that your employees get the right benefits on the right schedule. Not only can you implement wellness challenges to incorporate the whole team, but you can also promote one-on-one coaching and specialty programs such as smoking cessation seminars. These help pinpoint the individuals and issues that need addressed without interrupting others.

Investing in your employees is a key strategy to prevent turnover and attract valuable new hires. At CarePro, we can help keep your business stay on top. Find out more about our Worksite Wellness tools and programs today.